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Hey Guys, Brian here. 

If you're ready to get results FAST, but you DON'T want to spend a ton of money on coaching, my program Freedom University is your solution.

I'm here to be your mentor, WITHOUT breaking your wallet.

When you first get started, you NEED someone to make sure you don't slip up. To help you avoid painful mistakes.

That's why I've put this program together - to remove ALL the confusion of how to create passive income...

I'm also throwing in a bunch of SWEET bonuses. 

Scroll down to see what you get! 👇👇👇
#1 - WEEKLY Group Coaching With Me
  • I Go Live Every Tuesday Inside Our Secret Facebook Group
  • On Each Live Video, I Teach A Module From My Course (On How To Retire From 12 Rental Properties)
  • ​You Can Ask Questions Live During Those Calls (Or Send Them Beforehand If You Can't Attend)
  • ​ You Can Post Your Questions To Me 7 Days A Week Inside The Facebook Group
  •  I Will Line The Dominoes Up FOR YOU, SO You Don't Do Things Out Of Order And You Avoid Costly Mistakes!
#2 - Private Money Vault
  • Tap Into The Same Rolodex Of Private Lenders I Use To Fund My Deals
  •  Get A Quality List Of Lenders To Call That Will Fund Your Deals
  •  Get The CONFIDENCE That Comes With Knowing That You Have The Money When Your Next Deal Comes Along
  •  This Bonus Is A List Of Names, Numbers, ANd Email Addresses Of Lenders I Have Either Used Or Came Recommended By Someone I Trust!
#3 - Access To The Freedom Artists Membership Site
  • This Archive Contains EVERY Coaching Call We've Had Since Day One
  • ​All Conveniently Organized For You Inside Of A Membership Site
  • ​Current Members LOVE This Part Of The Program Because They Can Listen To Coaching Calls At Work, In The Car, At The Gym, Etc.
  • ​$10,000 Value If You Apply What You Learn From These Videos...EASILY!
#4 - Lead Boost Marketing Course
  • Find out how to create a bonus or premium and attach it to every offer you make!
  •  Learn how master marketers like QVC and Infomercials have been manipulating you for decades, and how to use their skills in your own marketing. 
  •  Discover why CLARITY is the OTHER magic ingredient to really make your marketing CRUSH IT. 
  •  Learn why URGENCY is the magic ingredient to get your prospects to take action.
#3 - Best Markets Report
  • Want To Invest In Real Estate But Your Market Is Too Expensive? This Report Is For YOU.
  •  Discover The Top 10 Markets With Strong Economies, Growing Populations, And GREAT Cashflow!
  •  Avoid Having To Do The Research Yourself
#5 - Freedom Artist T-Shirt
  • Proudly Display Your Mission To CREATE FREEDOM In Your Life
  •  Get Some Cool Swag Just For Signing Up
  •  Become One Of The #FreedomArtists Crew
  •  Look JACKED, Even If You Don't Workout (Simply Place In The Dryer On Extra Hot) 💪💪💪
Hear From Our Students!!! 👇👇👇
Hear How Jake Got His First Rental 
Listen To Rich's Story About Quitting His Job!
30 Day Guarantee
If you are unhappy for any reason, we will refund 
your payment. No Questions Asked!
Secure Order Form - 100% Protected & Safe
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