“How To Start Replacing Your Income With Passive, Monthly Cashflow In The Next 30 Days 
Without Ever Dealing With Sellers, Tenants, Or Even Stepping Foot In A House!!”
“After Learning Brian’s Approach I’ve Finally Figured Out The Quick And Simple Approach To Attaining Freedom Through Real Estate. I’m Finally Getting Close To Quitting My Job And Going Full-Time!”

- Isaiah Freeman
Hey Guys, 

Brian here.

Do you want to take back control over your time?

Do you want to say GOODBYE to your job FOREVER?

Do you want to be comfortably retired in the next few years?

I'm about to share exactly how I used real estate investing to quit my job and essentially "retire" in less than 5 years (by the time I was 32 years old).
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Over the last 7 years, I've got to learn from some really amazing investors. 

Guys like Kent Clothier, Sean Terry, Matt Theriault, Joe McCall, Jason Hartman, Justin Williams, and Jason Medley.

I've been personally coached by them or joined mastermind groups they were in. I've consumed all of their materials. 

I've taken what they taught me and boiled it down to one simple real estate investing strategy.

This strategy has allowed me to really live the lifestyle of FREEDOM that I have always wanted.
Still, I Took The “Roundabout” Path
Despite all the amazing mentorship, I STILL took a very roundabout path to success.

I did a TON of stupid shit. I'm about to share that with you now.
I want you to learn what NOT to do so that you can achieve freedom much quicker than I did.
Sound good?
From College > Cubicle...
I graduated college from the University of Tennessee in 2006 (Go Vols!) and entered good ole' Corporate America.
My job was to process insurance claims for a large healthcare company.

I'd sit on the phone all day with big insurance companies (like Blue Cross) trying to get claims paid.

I f*cking hated it!
In my cube, I literally tried everything to save my sanity.


Playing guitar in my van...

Yoga in the bathroom!
Yet none of that worked! I was absolutely miserable, sitting in the same chair every day from 9-5 and taking orders from someone else...

And doing something that had no meaning to me...it was literally just a means to an end. 
So, I quit the cubicle and got a job at a local grocery store. Doesn't make sense, right? But I had to do something.
The Book That Changed It All...
It was at that grocery store job that I finally had some time and energy to slow down and think (plus LEARN!)

I got my hands on a copy of a book that changed the course of my life forever: Rich Dad, Poor Dad. 
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I used to read it in the bathroom when I had to pee (it was a tiny copy that fit into my pocket).

As I learned about "passive income", "cashflow", and "financial freedom", things started to click into my mind.

I finally knew what I wanted. 
Set Sights On Passive Income
I wanted control over my time. 

I wanted to be able to do fun stuff whenever I wanted.

I wanted to break free of the chains of a JOB....forever!!
I decided to use real estate as my vehicle. I wasn't aware of any other way to create the kind of passive income I was after, other than buying houses.
(Sort of like playing Monopoly growing up...I wanted to own the whole board!)
Gave My Soul To Real Estate...
When I first started going to the REI meetings, everyone said I should "wholesale". They told me it was the quickest and easiest path to success.

If you don't know what wholesaling is, you basically go out and find deals and then try to resell them to cash buyers. 

They said it required no money and there was no risk.

Being a beginner, I didn't know what to do other than to take their advice.  So I did.
I partnered up with another local guy 50/50. We started mailing out postcards and the leads rolled in.

We were working our asses off, but we were making some money.

Soon, I was even able to pay my bills through wholesaling!

I thought I was a stud. I finally didn't have a job but I was still surviving!
Still Didn't Have Freedom...
Even though I didn't have a job, I had literally NO freedom.

I was tied to my phone and computer.  

I was on the phone all day.

I was at houses talking to sellers.

I was drowning in little "to-do" type tasks.
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So We Hired A Coach...
It was around this time that we hired a coach. We told him we were stressed out and we wanted to automate things and replace ourselves in our business.  

He took one look at what we were doing and said "Guys, you need to hire some team members!"

So we did.
We hired an Acquisition Manager..

We hired an Office Manger..

A Disposition Manager..

An Inside Sales Rep..

And more!
Things SEEMED To Improve...
Around this time, thing seemed to look up. We grew to about 10 employees. We got to delegate some of the stuff  that had been pissing us off.

We also started working from home a lot more often. 
Bought My First Rental...
Soon after, I finally bought my first rental property! 

It wasn't my focus, but I slowly started to accumulate them at that point.

This is a picture of the actual house. Bought it for 18K. She's a beauty, huh? :)
Back To Our Flipping Business...
It didn't take long after I hired all those employees for me to realize that I had made a mistake.

You see, instead of being "free" like I wanted, I was actually spending all of my time managing employees.

Managing 10 employees is a lot of work!
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Only Created A Different Job For Ourselves...
My entire week consisted of 1-on-1 meetings...

Looking at KPI's..

Reviewing financials...

Holding people accountable to their systems...
I definitely couldn't take a day off, or the business would not function well. 

I had to keep my eye on everything!

So again, I was lost. 

I still hadn't found the freedom that I had been after from Day 1. 
We Became Managers...
Instead of doing the work we used to do....

Now we were MANAGING people who were doing the work!
I learned that managing people is just a DIFFERENT JOB.

I was still tied to my computer every single day. 

I couldn't take a day off or the business would suffer. 
Only Earning Active Income...
The thing to understand is this...

Our business was not passive.

We were only earning active income. 
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Guys, everyone wants an "automated business"..

But even if you replace yourself in EVERY part of your business...

You still have to be the CEO!
Let me just tell you from experience...

Being the CEO is the hardest friggin' job in the company!

You are the Captain of the ship!

There is no "kicking your feet up"
Plus, I Didn't Feel Right...
I never really felt right about wholesaling. 

I didn't like the fact that we acted like the buyer of the house, only to go out and find a new buyer.

Many times, the buyer would back out before closing and screw everyone over!
Decided To Change Our Model...
So I decided to change our business model all together!

I decided I would only FLIP houses instead of wholesaling. 

I liked the idea of being the real buyer of the house, and making more on each deal. 

So we started putting things in place to make it happen....
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Much More Complicated...
We scaled to where we were doing 5-10 rehabs at one time.

And things got even MORE complicated than they were before!

We were borrowing tons of expensive money to do the job...

There was much more risk...

And I was still managing people and processes all day!
And We STILL Hadn't Found That Freedom...
Flipping, like wholesaling, was just another JOB...

Managing people and projects...

Spreadsheets, KPI'S, Conference Calls...

You name it, I was doing it. 
At This Point, I Was FED UP...
I had been a real estate investor, seeking freedom, for 7 YEARS at this point...

And although I had escaped the cube...

I was still working harder than ever, each and every day.

Where was the "financial freedom" that everyone spoke about?
Disagreement With My Partner
Around this time, I realized that my business partner and I were NOT on the same page.

You see, he wanted to go back to wholesaling because the flipping was super complicated and not working well..

But I didn't want to do EITHER business model, because I knew where they both led...to a JOB that I didn't want to sign up for. 
So We Split Up...
After talking it over, we realized that our visions were far too different...

And the best thing to do would be to go our separate ways.
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What Now?...
With the employees divided up, the old business dissolved, I had a chance to start over fresh.

I knew I didn't want to do what I had been doing before...

So what in the hell do I do now?
The One Thing I DID Have...
Over my time as a flipper/wholesaler, I had accumulated 15 or so rental properties.

I never really focused on it, I just slowly bought them here and there. 

It was never the main goal of our company. Those goals were simply more leads, more deals, more money!
I Did The Math...
After running some #'s, I realized something CRAZY.

That meager portfolio I had accumulated over 7 years was bringing in 4-5K/month...

Which was actually enough passive income to pay my bills!

Which meant.....
I Never Had To Work Again!
This realization hit me like a ton of bricks.

I had achieved my original goal...freedom...but I had never allowed myself to realize (or take advantage of it) until now!

I simply didn't slow down enough and focus on what should have mattered to me. 
Here's The Funny Part...
I got what I originally wanted...freedom.

But it DIDN'T come from wholesaling...

Nor from flipping...

Or from the big business with the 10 employees...

It only came from one thing.
Cashflow Rental Properties!
Those 15 little boxes I had unintentionally accumulated over the last 7 years were actually taking care of me now..

In a way that the business NEVER COULD. 

They were paying my bills, and literally NO work was required.

Ok maybe an hour a week....TOPS.

But way more passive than anything I had done before. 
Talk About Ass Backwards...
Have you ever had to do something the WRONG way in order to find out how to do it right?

That's exactly what i had to do in regards to real estate investing.

I had to try dozens of different things, for 7 years, to finally arrive at the "finish line" (with more than my share of battle scars).
Cashflow Is King
At the end of the day, I learned that buy-and-hold is king.

It's the only type of investing that you can create truly passive income from..

And automate at least 98% of...
Since Then…
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Since then I've more than DOUBLED my portfolio..

I'm still buying a house a month...

My overhead/payroll is super low...

And I have my time back!!!

Which, guys, was the WHOLE POINT ALL ALONG.
Do you want to be the wholesaler...

Constantly hustling all day trying to find buyers and sellers?

Do you want to be the flipper...

Stressing out over extensive rehabs, taking lots of risk, drowning in details..

Or do you want to be Mr. Buy And Hold...

Who sits back and watches money come in...

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What I've done since is developed a product that shows you EXACTLY:

How I replaced my income with passive income...

How I invest in any market I want, and live anywhere I want...

And do it all with just a very small crew...

In JUST 2 hours a week!
The 12 House Masterclass is a soup-to-nuts, A to Z, comprehensive online course...

Which walks you through EVERYTHING you need to do (to get your freedom back) through real estate investing.

In MODULE ONE, I cover how to craft a vision and set goals so you know exactly what your target is and what to do each day...

In MODULE TWO, I show you exactly how to pick your market...what to look for and avoid so that you choose an amazing cashflow market that will serve you well.

In MODULE THREE, you'll discover exactly how to build and manage your team in that market...

(virtually of course, you can live anywhere)...

so that they deliver what you want, and you can do it in just a couple hours a week. 
In MODULE FOUR, you will learn how to find amazing off-market deals without spending ANY money on marketing!
In MODULE FIVE, I show you how to ANALYZE deals so you know whether or not you have a good one on your hands (and you can avoid all the mistakes that I made!)
In MODULE SIX, I show you how to FIND THE MONEY so that you can buy all the houses you want (hint, it's not banks either!)
But, the information is not ALL you get...

Because you need MORE.

You see, I'm not trying to sell you an online course and then just peace out.

I'm sticking around to make sure you succeed.

That's why I've developed an AMAZING group coaching program...

So that I can hold your hand throughout the entire process.
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Freedom University is our group coaching program. It is designed to make sure you get answers to your specific questions as you go through this process.
Our group meets regularly via webcam to do live Q&A sessions, where you can discuss your issues with me (Brian) and also get support from other members.

It's really an AMAZING way to accelerate you to your goals..
“After Joining Freedom University, I Started Being Able To Move Much Faster Because I Could Get My Questions Answered As I Ran Into Issues. My Business Is On Track To Have Its Best Year Ever!” 

- Brad Hardy
The total value of the 6 week masterclass and 6 month of Freedom University is $6,494.....
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The Private Money Vault is where you will finally get access...

To private lenders who have all the money you will ever need...

To buy houses at will and grow your portfolio fast!

It's literally a rolodex (list of names and numbers) of some amazing private money lenders all across the U.S.

This one bonus is worth the price of admission by itself.
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This report tells you some of the best cashflow markets to invest in during 2018.

If you need a market to invest in, this will save you LOADS of time and research!
The total value of all of this is $9,985!
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* Use the "PayPal Credit" option to join for $0 today, make no payments and pay no interest for 6 MONTHS!!!
* Use the "PayPal Credit" option to join for $0 today, make no payments and pay no interest for 6 MONTHS!!!
* Use the "PayPal Credit" option to join for $0 today, make no payments and pay no interest for 6 MONTHS!!!
“I Followed Brian’s Virtual REI Masterclass System And To Date I Have Bought Over TWELVE Rental Properties, While Also Getting To Run The Business From The Coffee Shop. I’m Spending Much More Time With Family And Literally Getting Close To Being Retired In My 30’s!" 

- Jeff Ley
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